Duxford air show  -  September 5, 2009

Click links below once and be patient!

Dragon Rapide and Tiger Moth (47 MB)

Dragon Rapide takeoff (40 MB)

Hurricane start-up (25 MB)

Mew Gull and Hurricane taxiing (45 MB)

Lancaster and Hurricane flyover (65 MB)

Mew Gull flight demo (39 MB)

Mew Gull landing (31 MB)

Eurofighter Typhoon flight demo, part 1 (27 MB)

Eurofighter Typhoon flight demo, part 2 (34 MB)

Each of these recordings has been reduced from 1080i HD to 720p HD resolution and compressed at a moderate quality level in Adobe Flash video format (.flv).

 If the files won’t display, download and install the free VLC Media Player at http://www.videolan.org/index.html .  It is available for multiple operating systems including Apple, Windows, and Android.